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R.I.P Mrs Jackson

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R.I.P Mrs Jackson  Empty R.I.P Mrs Jackson

Post  Sue McDonald on Mon Aug 08 2016, 04:55

On the corner of our old road, in a garden planted with love
was this lady named Elsie Jackson, surely sent from heaven above
The children around so loved her, some called her 'nanna J'
others respectfully called her Mrs Jackson, coz that was her name !

There were days our children were late home, as were many in the street
it seems Mrs Jackson's corner house, after school some children would meet !
You could almost guarantee, that if you walked up the street
there would be Mrs Jackson, with the children at her feet !

They followed her through her garden, chatting about their day
she would carry on tending her plants, genuinely listening to what they would say !
She saw them grow through primary school, admired their high school ways
sure that she felt special as they included her in their days !

It wasn't just the children, who admired this gentle soul,
the adults seemed in awe of her, such gentle caring ways.
Not always the angel though, that I'm portraying here
catch her on a bad day and you would wish you had stayed clear !

Many a child had tested, the patience of Mrs J
my youngest son in particular loved, yet feared her, one summer day !
And being Mrs Jackson, with the trust that she had earned,
she followed him home, said, 'don't do it again' and to her home returned !

What ever it was, was forgotten, never mentioned another day
yet my son, as many others, new they could always trust Mrs J.
You opened your home to so many of us, included us in your life, came to
birthdays, engagements and christening's, saw our children grow into their life's !

Nothing was to much for you, always there to lend a hand
or sit and have a cuppa, in your garden lovingly planned.
So in my final earthly chat to you I sincerely want to say
that your presence will be sadly missed, every single day.

When I look up to the dawning sky, with tears of saddened loss
I know you'll lovingly catch them and water heavenly moss
As the gentle breeze whispers around us, I'll listen for your words, knowing your guidance will always be there, and as Mr J use to say, 'she won't go unheard'!

In the evening as the sky starts to darken, I'll watch for the brightest star
knowing  the twinkle you had in your eyes could be seen from a far.

Look after that heavenly garden, catch our tears to water young trees
catch the love that we will be sending you, gently in heavens fresh breeze

You'll always remain with us. in our thoughts, our hearts, our minds,
you'll always be our Mrs Jackson .....why ? Coz you were one of a kind !

(c) By Sue McDonald.....  Written for our beautiful Mrs Jackson  07/08/2016
Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald

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