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Indian Tribe

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Post  RichieO on Fri May 23 2014, 02:13

Indian Tribe.
May the winds blow softly over the wide open plains.
Let the Buffalo breed and roam across the grasses to graze.
Let our hunting parties prosper in the hunt for our existence to live upon this land.

May the rivers flow from the mountains so high. Let the waters yield abundance of fish which will feed the tribes of the plains.
The Wolf and the Bear drink side by side at the waters edge, both stare for awhile at each other, then walk away.

Apache, Cherokee, Blackfoot and more live on this land we have inherited from our ancestors, who taught us to respect the four seasons that help us survive. We seek the spirits of our forefathers who return to this earth in a different guise to  guide us along.

The Sun and Moon bring forth the light of day and the blackness of night. Each play a magnificent display, has each rise out of the earth, then  disappear just the same. Never will they touch and become one, forever lost in times eternity.

Our lives were simple and fine. We used the land to help us live, and moved across the land has the seasons changed. Around the campfire at night we danced and called upon the spirits to comfort our tribe.

We lived in peace, but in times we fought with rival tribes if strayed onto their hunting grounds. Our land gave us life not riches which meant nothing to us.

But along came the White man who stole our land. Looking for Gold, Silver and Oil. Our tribes did reunite to fight the ultimate fight. But alas our plight was lost, and upon the reservation we were sent. But even this was taken from our hands and the fight continues to this date.

Once the white man has raped the land then the land will have it say, and back to the old days will hopefully return.

©RichieO 2014
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