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My story

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My story Empty My story

Post  alitnobani on Fri Mar 25 2011, 14:44


I was born in 1968 to a poor family in Jerash - Jordan. I found myself with paralyzed feet. Later, I learned from my mother that I'm paralyzed because of the negligence of an employee at the state health center, who was responsible for the vaccination of children at that time.

My childhood was very sad, and I remember that my father made arduous efforts to save me from the fate that awaits children with disability. In my country, disabled children are placed in special centers and subjected to different types of abuse. My father tried at that time to get treatment for me in hospitals. He used to carry me on his back, then go by bus to the hospital in the capital, Amman. I was three years old, and after seeing many doctors, they convinced my father that there was no cure and taught me to use crutches to walk.

My father made my crutches manually from the harsh beech, cutting the wood at the carpenter's workshop and then soaking in water for several days until it became soft. Then he bent the wood and formed it into the shape of crutches, perforating it with an instrument made by his own hand. Each hole took an hour or more with a manual drill.

My father did not want me to use weak crutches, so he made them of the most powerful wood. He wanted me to be strong, like beech wood in the face of cruelty and difficulties of life.

It's along story but I will be brief.
When I became five, my father visited one of the charities to get a wheelchair. After three or four months, I sat in my new wheelchair, and around me was a group of charity members, Arabs and foreign volunteers, who applauded the scene. In this wheelchair, my father sent me to school every day over a winding road until I finished high school.

My father was a poet. I remember him reading his poems in the summer evenings under the dim light to the admiration of visitors. In fact, poetry occupies a high place in our culture, high and impressive. I watched the impact carefully.

After high school, I bought a car and studied accounting at a community College in Jerash. Then I worked as an accountant in the Ministry of Health, but I always wanted to study Arabic literature. I moved from Jerash to Irbid - about 40 km from Jerash - and lived there alone, where I had to work and study at university. I took care of myself at home until I got a bachelor's degree in Arabic literature.

One of the things that I remember when I was in Irbid: I did not have a refrigerator, so I bought a small pottery jar to drink cold water in the heat of summer. One day, I came home thirsty and tried to drink water from it while I was standing on my crutches. I fell down, struck my head on the jar and broke it into small pieces ... I went faint.

Throughout the period of my study, I was not away from the political and intellectual currents in the region. I live in a troubled region, the Middle East. We were under a blockade and could only watch local TV, and could only read what our dictators want us to read. Thus, I enrolled in more than a Marxist party in that period, but soon I discovered they were futile and incompatible with human nature. Soon I began to adopt a new thought with the democratic opening, that brought us the age of satellite television and the Internet. I achieved more in the years of Internet and satellite channels than I had achieved during my thirty-five years.

The only constant thing that accompanied me throughout my journey is poetry, with a different attitude that changed depending on my experience.
The first poem I wrote was at the age of nine, in which I expressed my love to a girl I knew at that time. But what I wrote then was focused on my childhood sufferings from severe disability and poverty.

When I noticed that my crutches could give me the ability to communicate with people, I endured the hardship of walking. Muscles of my hands grew, and I began to build my relationships until my small room became a club. I engaged in political parties and movements, then established Jerash Literary Club, which enhanced the cultural life in my city for more than eight years. My poems in that period focused on the idea of justice, liberty, and the question of existence and death.
The most mature period in my life journey is the period of openness to other cultures. This started after I got a laptop, and access to the Internet - the emergence of satellite channels have made the world a small village. At this time I saw our world in a new way: depending on diversity and getting rid of rigorousness in determining right and wrong.

Human life is based on diversity and plurality. A poet is an explorer, looking for aspects of the vision. He turns the things to see into all its aspects, to melt at the end in positive Love, and to shorten the distances between people wherever they are and whatever their views are. I may represent this stage through my poetry; my poem that was written in Arabic entitled:

Earth is Our Sweetheart

Earth is our sweetheart
And hungry fish in the sea of darkness
Is a mix of trees horror
And our foreignness
If earth embraced us
That because the stars flirt with our eyes

It remains to say that I'm now improving my English, because it removes the large barrier which prevents us from knowing or understanding different cultures. I have a great desire to contribute by spreading love, peace, and the values of justice and democracy in our world. So I began writing poetry in English, trying to communicate with the largest number of people in the planet.

Finally, I'm married and have three boys.

Love and peace to all,
Ali Taha Alnobani

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My story Empty Re: My story

Post  Lucie on Wed Aug 24 2011, 14:05

a compelling read, you have so many stories to tell and so much to teach us through your poetry..
looking forward to new ways of thinking...........keep sharing .

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My story Empty Re: My story

Post  alitnobani on Wed Aug 31 2011, 03:36

Thank you my friend

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