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Transparent Tears.

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Transparent Tears. Empty Transparent Tears.

Post  Sue McDonald on Sat Jan 12 2013, 05:55

As I try to write thoughts on my note pad
a transparent film covers my eyes
I try to push saddened images
far away from the tears in my mind

For years you were cared for and nurtured
shown what was right, also wrong
given some life coping skills
so through life you could hopefully stay strong

This day that I sit here and write
with a heart that is heavy and sad
knowing how much you are hurting
twice round and things are still bad !

As a mother I just want to shake you
say your worthy of love and respect
it saddens me deeply to see you
go through sadness hurt and neglect

If I distance myself, like I should
look at both sides and stay ''on the line,''
yes, arguments happen in all homes
then they sort themselves out over time

But, when fear, threats and degradement
play such a sad, fearful part
of the life that you've planned and have dreamed of
then, yes sweetheart, I feel your broken heart !

Not saying a word is condoning
the treatment and hurt you receive
NO MORE, will I stand with a blindfold
NO MORE, ''You are fine,'' I'll believe

''You are fine'' When your happy and safe
''You are fine'' When receiving respect
''You are fine'' When sadness is gone
''You are fine'' When there's no more neglect

In stating the previous comment's
the decision you make, is your own,
be it wrong or right in our eye's,
in your choice, you won't be alone !

©By Sue McDonald......08/01/13

Written for a beautiful sad soul, with much love and support ....xxxxx

Sue McDonald
Sue McDonald

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Transparent Tears. Empty Re: Transparent Tears.

Post  jinettyx on Sat Jan 12 2013, 06:04

So sad and beautiful writing yet again Sue.....Your poetry always moves me and makes me think about things in my past also.......love you sweet adopted sister xxx

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Transparent Tears. Empty Re: Transparent Tears.

Post  mikeschultz on Sat Jan 12 2013, 18:36


What a tragically sad story, and all the more in that it is not so rare as we might hope, and for the affinity I feel to the person of whom you write. I am certified 80 % disabled due to PTSD and bipolar depression. I thank you for the opportunity to see a glimpse of the problem from the other side of the wall, so to speak. Sorry to be so chatty (too much information?), but your poem moved me deeply. Thank you.


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Transparent Tears. Empty Re: Transparent Tears.

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