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The Dreamer Empty The Dreamer

Post  Fred West on Tue Apr 03 2012, 04:45

The Dreamer
You look at the ground and you hear the growl of the burner above your head
You look at the flame and you begin the game of flying within the basket,
You look down and see the ground float by; you gain courage as you go into the sky,
You are taking off on an adventure, you want to stop shaking but you’re going higher again.
Then the burner stops and you floating on air, nothing now to make you be scared,
You look around you camera in hand, and click away until you have pain in your hand.
The sky is blue just cirrus clouds as you pass by the sun is shining and the basket warm,
You move around and drink the champagne; you hope the hot air balloon in the sky will remain,
You want to float away in the sky all day; you have never had an experience such as this on a day.
Now it will be with you or all the days of your life,
The growl is on again and the basket goes higher, the ground falls away only you and the sky,
Now you take the camera again and make more pictures from above, this is a thing you could learn to love.
Lots of new pictures from above all the others and you are free as a bird and content to be here,
Then you go higher and a plane flies by, you click at the camera and wonder why?
And then you wake up and you’re in bed at the start of a new day,
The dream is ended and you smile as if to say....what a good day.
©Fred West 2012
Fred West
Fred West

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The Dreamer Empty Re: The Dreamer

Post  Lucie on Tue Apr 03 2012, 05:55

Thankyou for sharing that experience.. I like the way to tell it in stages so we can picture ourselves being lifted.
My father once went on a balloon ride we went along to support him..he was speechless for the first time.

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The Dreamer Empty Re: The Dreamer

Post  Little Owl on Wed Apr 04 2012, 04:54

Thanks for taking us on the journey up in the sky. Riding in a hot air balloon is on my bucket list to do.

Very Happy
Little Owl
Little Owl

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The Dreamer Empty Re: The Dreamer

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